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[Dragora-bug] Jul 0.1.0 released

From: Lucas Sköldqvist
Subject: [Dragora-bug] Jul 0.1.0 released
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2015 00:29:53 +0200

I’m pleased to announce the release of Jul 0.1.0.

Jul is a wrapper for pkgsystem.  It adds functionality to Dragora’s
package system.  Jul allows you to check for updates, fetch and verify
packages from different repositories, install/upgrade packages, and

Jul is written in Tcl, a dynamic programming language, which is included
in Dragora.  Jul is a command-line utility, but a graphical front-end
is under development as well.

This is the very first release intended to generate some feedback which
will help me make Jul more useful to you.  It’s in pretty good shape
but some things are missing and somewhat buggy.

The package can be downloaded from

The sha1sum is:
67f809771d66e05a5eafe8ada42f077e146fd1ad  jul-0.1.0-noarch-1.tlz

This release is also GPG signed.  You can download the signature from
the same directory.

My GPG-key can be downloaded from http://gungre.ch/dragora/repo/KEYS/

‘jul sync’ needs to be run first of all to synchronise the repositories.
‘jul bugs’ will give you some information about the current version.

Never run it as root.  For the moment ‘sudo’ is used for pkg-related
actions.  Only one package can be fetched/installed/upgraded at a time
in this version.

Best regards,
Lucas Sköldqvist

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