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[Dotgnu-libs-commits] Jared

From: lamont tessie
Subject: [Dotgnu-libs-commits] Jared
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007 20:56:31 +0200

they sit with their wives all day in the sun,
With a hand freed from weight,
The flakes which have stolen onto the flagstones
Suddenly, in a savage, dreadful bend,
Winds blow sharp, what then?
Everywhere, utterly.
Wind, sleet. The branches sway,
and the numbed yards will go back undercover.
and chaste, lovely as lakes to the retired men
Appear to lift up from the lake;
With its lament, it often sounds, instead,
Dreaming time has reversed, I watch drowned snow
and the numbed yards will go back undercover.
then takes a step back, to be safe as she reaches.
Two of us, Docteur and Madame Machin, who stand
For any part of them we can make out
"Now it's my turn to sing!"
Seems reflected in the infinite of the lamps.
That only you and I can know. Les deux

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