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[Dotgnu-libs-commits] music simple-minded

From: Bill Tipton
Subject: [Dotgnu-libs-commits] music simple-minded
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 19:57:46 +0200

This he did, and declaredimposition on the part of Parkes to be impossible. Also a big percentage of the spirit forms wererecognized. Do you advertise or promise to get spirit faces, or something out ofthe ordinary for your sitters? Some mention should be made of the remarkable results of Mr. What are we to think of the reports that ancientstatues spoke?
But in saying this he is notexplaining anything.
Blakes medical adviser, was convinced of her powers. During the exposure of aplate he was said to be in partial trance. To save himself heconfessed that all his results had been obtained by trickery. He states that a considerable number of the photographs were recognizedby the sitters.
Guthrie, superintendent of the West Virginia Asylum atHuntingdon, Mrs. Other well-known sitters have described remarkable evidential resultsobtained with Duguid.
An account of theseextraordinary sittings, which were under the control of Mr.
He wassentenced to a fine of five hundred francs and imprisonment for one year. Even to say spirits would not satisfy the ordinaryscientific man.
Then Black went himself and personally performed allthe manipulation of plates and development.
Warrick under every possible test condition, andfully reported in PSYCHIC SCIENCE. He obtained six psychic resultsin eight experiments.
Marshalland John King to speak at the same time, so I was obliged to throw overthat theory. Wolfe in his book, Startling Facts in Modern Spiritualism. John Beatties valuable and conclusive experiments, as Dr. French, in his book The Dead Have Never Died.
Theevidence of professional photographers who were not Spiritualists wasstrongly in Mumlers favour.
Stead persuaded him to allowhim to have sittings. Most of the great physicalmediums, especially the materializing mediums, produced voice phenomena. He obtained six psychic resultsin eight experiments.
Stead gives particulars of precautionsobserved in marking plates, etc.
I thought this very strange, and it made me more interested,and I went on with my experiments. Guthrie gives the following two cases with Mrs. Individually we differ as to probable causes, but unanimouslyagree concerning the palpable facts.
But in saying this he is notexplaining anything. Lastly, I assumed that a concealed confederate did the voice, so attendedtwo seances where Mrs. On one of the plates were two spiritpictures.
And theycan say this with the assurance of conviction, after a series ofexhaustive tests. Do those who are Spiritualists get better results than disbelievers? AlfredRussel Wallace calls them, can only be referred to briefly.
The followingquestions which were asked, and answered by Wyllie, are of historicalinterest:Q. Randall gives an account of another good American voicemedium, Mrs. Thisoccurred so frequently that I am quite convinced of the impossibility ofany fraud.
Marshall alone; John was there,and talked for an hour.

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