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[Dotgnu-libs-commits] drip absent-minded

From: Dora Haney
Subject: [Dotgnu-libs-commits] drip absent-minded
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 13:27:42 -0200

Listen: a great man once said: Le butnest rien; le chemin, cest tout. Vickies got her head full of things lately;that makes people kind of heartless.
You ought to be more careful what you eat, Ma. She had been through these times before, andat such a crisis poor Mr.
But Gramma, cant I run for the veternary? After supper, when Bert looked into the coal-shed and found the catdead, all the family were sad.
Theywould never have known that this miserable rumpled animal was theirproud tom.
Perhaps the fortunate contestant had already been notifiedof her success.
She didnt want the boys to be too much distressed. I am very jealous where Grandma Harrisis concerned!
Templeton made no fuss, but told them to sit downand eat their breakfast.
Grandmother was not in her room, and the kitchen was empty.
Rosen, she observed asshe poured the lemonade.
Harris sent Mandy out to look for the cat. Rosen was glad toget into it after sitting on a wooden bench in the sun.
The boys complain right smart about losing Vickie fromtheir plays. Its just all Ican do to keep the store bills paid up. She hurried back to the kitchen, and Mrs.
When any of thepoor mountain people were in great distress, they always sent forMiz Harris.
The boys got back from their trip with Mr. But they write her she has to bring more money tohelp her out; three hundred dollars.
If I take this worry off yourmind, I shall go away to the wedding with a light heart.
As a result,she had a badly infected hand and had to carry it in a sling.
Vickie told her what the conditions were, briefly and dryly, as ifshe were talking to an enemy.
When she whipped them,she did it thoroughly. Rosen was glad toget into it after sitting on a wooden bench in the sun. Den you will BE something, you wontjust sit on de front porch. Theres such a thing as overdoing it, Mrs. Then if you want it without any purpose at all, you will not bedisappointed.
But there wasnothing for it but stupid animal patience. Rosen drove away in the depot hack yesterday morning. And Miss Vickie, you are to eat your tomatoes withan oil dressing, as we do.
If you ladies will excuse me, Ithink I will go and lie down a little before supper.
Vickie said: Yesm, and slipped into the chair Mr.

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