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[Dotgnu-libs-commits] flaccid derision

From: Rudolph Petty
Subject: [Dotgnu-libs-commits] flaccid derision
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 09:52:56 -0600

Madame de Renal found an opportunity of saying to Julien:Be careful, I order you.
Hehad not thought once again of his impertinent suggestion, from themoment in which he had made it.
Madame de Renal leaned upon his arm, bending towards him until hercheek felt the warmth of his.
But, beside herself with impatience, she rose andwent to glue her ear to Juliens door. Even the thought of virtue and of the fidelity she had vowed to M.
It might be heldto constitute a claim to the place of Principal Deputy. He was afraid of Madame deRenal because of her pretty gown. The sudden resolution he had just made formed a pleasing distraction. The night passed for these two people very differently. As for Madame Derville, thesewere by no means her sentiments. Myself, for instance, as Mayor of Verrieres, wellintentioned, honest as M.
She could have seen in it nothing else than apainful consequence of their disparity of age.
To this woman, he said to himself, I am not well born. She left the garden early, and went up towait in her room. As Madame de Renal had never read any novels,all the refinements of her happiness were new to her.
Perhaps I am wanting in character, I should have made Napoleona bad soldier. Half thepopulation climbed up on the roofs. We paytwenty francs for each servant so that they do not cut our throats. It is impossible, he told himself,that in Paris there can be anything finer!
She loved him a thousandtimes more than life itself, and money to her meant nothing. She saw him as Pope, she saw him as First Minister, likeRichelieu.
This sound aroused him as the crow of the cock aroused Saint Peter.
It is a most beneficial, but a very strange institution, repliedMadame de Renal. The Mayor sent for him at five oclock in the morning. But this arrangement also had its drawbacks. This was not to saythat they understood anything of the progress that the children hadmade.
Such is, alas, the drawback of an excessive civilisation.
After which he could findno objection to his happiness. Our hero did not know what answer to give to so flattering a question.
Julien was struck by her quavering voice and by the look in her eyes. Despite the uncertainty andpassion that were devouring her, she did not dare enter. At first, Madamede Renal admired his prudence. Have Ifailed in one of the duties I owe to myself?
ValenodsNorman horses, young Sorel, the carpenters son. It has grown usedto desiring, finds nothing left to desire, and has not yet acquiredany memories. Juliens tears and despair distressedher greatly.

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