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[Dotgnu-libs-commits] learning disability

From: Oliver Sinclair
Subject: [Dotgnu-libs-commits] learning disability
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 19:19:01 -0200

Few except Barbara even heard his strange whisper, and nobody could makeany sense of it. He was still smiling slightly, but his manner had grown moregrave.
It isnt an extraordinary story, except anextraordinarily ordinary story. Dont listen to any more of this rubbish, cried the Deputy-Governor.
Windrush went on as if the other had not spoken. Oh, forGods sake dont tell me about that beastly madman and mountebank! It was one of the best planned things I ever knew, he said.
It would have looked just like anaccident.
I know, she said, but for all that Im sure I dont know everything. Itwas rather as if he believed what Hume had not said, rather than what hehad.
And then Barbara felt a final stab of astonishment and alarm. Look here, he said, do you know what this means?
I poundedalong after him along the path, but he had too long a start.
It was he who spoke again, and more lightly.
But he had other andwhat some could call graver grounds of depression. I wonder it hasnt happened hundredsof times before.
Occasionally, Im sorry to say, replied Colonel Hayter.
I wonder it hasnt been told in hundreds of storiesbefore. Anddont you know that, for the same reason, were all naturally vagabonds? I am a Moderate, as I told you; I really amagainst all the Extremists.
I know what Im going to do, said Barbara stubbornly. But as forvagabonds, I imagine that vagabonds at least have the virtue of getting amove on.
They appeared to be totally disconnected andindeed were in every possible point dissimilar.
You have said so much, she said in a low voice, that I want you to saymuch more. You are the only sane person I ever knew, she replied.
Itseemed to himself that, like a hermit in his cell, he was seeing visions.
In the case of the Prime Minister the tip of the nosewould be indicated. No, no, said Hume, with a sort of hasty solemnity.
I dontbelieve I could have proved anything.
She was actually mounting that hill again,when she met John Hume coming down.
To begin with, he had not planted it at all.
But I happened to be able tooffer you evidence in the other case.
Why in the world we are cursed with suchfilthy fools .
Let me tell you two things also; they areshorter, but they have to do with it. It would have looked just like anaccident.
Toms high, crowing voice was suddenly heard above the crowd.
Believe me, its not theimaginative people who become insane. Howlong are you going to hang about here? What fun it would be to take an unscrupulousmillionaire and make him stand in the corner!

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