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[Dotgnu-libs-commits] problematic sedan

From: Magnus Valenzuela
Subject: [Dotgnu-libs-commits] problematic sedan
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2006 09:36:17 +0200

She took her mothers hand and stroked the bare arm. The King of Spains daughter, he hummed as he turned the corner,came to visit me . Digbybrushed aside this feminine effusiveness.
Hesat still with his head sunk on his breast. Ill tell you the true story one of these days, she said as shebent to kiss her daughter goodnight. All the same, the party from China tooka fancy to it.
The Colonel laughed; but Digby, he felt,was annoyed.
He had not seen her alone; he had not told heranything. And now, she said, leaning back comfortably, tell me all yournews. Digby brushed away a white thread that hadstuck to his trousers. It was a great honour to sit next him, Maggie, she continued. Quick, quick, quick with repeated jerks they struckthe mouldy flesh. It worked its way under the doors, through the windowframes; on to chests and dressers. She sighed; her body seemed to become indolent andsuave. She put her head a little on one side and looked at her daughterapprovingly. Pull it tight, Maggie, said Sara irritably. The dance music interfered with everything.
They seem to think a lot of him at Oxford, he said gruffly.
Sold was written on a strip of bright red paper pasted across thehouse-agents board.
Then she gave a sudden laugh and threw her hand out.
He looks older, he thought, as they stood side by side;yet hes five years younger than I am.
He wasup in Scotland with the Lasswades shooting.
Then against her will something in her hardened. She picked up the little brown book which lay on the counterpaneand smoothed out the bedclothes.
All was silent in the house at Browne Street. A branch swayed up and down in thelittle breeze.
The light grew more andmore artificial; yellower and yellower. Sheemphasised the rhythm still further by tapping with her fingers onSallys bare arm.
She watched the couples comingdown the iron staircase. Lady Pargiter stopped in the middle of hersentence.
He stood in front of the fireand looked at his mothers picture. His coat was a little threadbare; hishair was white on top.
Thenthere was a puff of wind; and a little cloud crossed the moon.
Sheleft the door ajar and a dog pushed in after her. Well, since it wasimpossible to read and impossible to sleep, she would let herselfBE thought.

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