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[Dotgnu-libs-commits] so reactor

From: Clare Davies
Subject: [Dotgnu-libs-commits] so reactor
Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2006 11:59:40 +0200

The words were brave enough, but thebravery ended with the words.
It took me a year to understand that I was and should remain an amateur.
Hanaud was very capable of a trick likethat!
Come justinside the room and shut the door behind you. But these are the questions I want answered, and whereshall I find the answers? First the sedan chair, then this sitting - room wasneglected.
It is Mademoisellesdress for the ball tomorrow night. He may be very likely to come across that necklaceof Madame Harlowes.
This is the place, he said in a low voice, and he pressed the button inthe pillar of the door. Hanaud obeyed at once; and both men stood and listened in the emptystreet. In the doorway, outlined against the light beyond, appearedthe bulky frame of Hanaud.
Jim was a little nettled by the indifference to hissuggestion.
He was still convinced that Hanaud had taken the wrongstarting - point in all his inquiry. I shall tell you what struckme, Monsieur.
I will walkwith you towards your office, and you shall tell me as you go. I, too, dontlike that young gentleman of whom they are all so proud.
Everything from the sleeping - cars to the croupiers enchantedme.
And that search through the treasure - room!
I cannot now afford to lose my juniorcolleague. Jim was left alone in the hall - as at that moment he wanted tobe. Did he imagine that this MadameGrolin, the milliner, was an accomplice of Waberskis too? After all, itis not to a court ball of the Duke of Burgundy that we are inviting him.
However, she managed to tell her story, leaning there against the post ofthe door.
There was no lamp in the lane, no light showing from any of the windows. Jim fancied that he recognized Maurice Thevenet, and nodded tohim as he passed. Hanaud passed through the doorway into the room.
We were idly watching a film which Ithink is a little tedious. It is always of value to know what the other man thinks, and even morewhat the other man sees. Jim lifted his foot, felt for and found thefirst tread of the stairs, and mounted behind Hanaud.
Inoticed the invitation card on the chimney - piece of Mademoisellessitting - room. I have it here that someone did bring thearrow to Jean Cladel. I shall tell you what struckme, Monsieur.
But what of that arrow - head in the pen - tray? Her finger was onthe bell, when Hanaud stepped forward.
I, replied Hanaud, standing up on the tips of histoes.

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