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[Dotgnu-libs-commits] Better Future, winter rye

From: Rochelle Lang
Subject: [Dotgnu-libs-commits] Better Future, winter rye
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 08:41:45 -0060

Your cre dit doesn't matter to us! If you OWN real est ate
and want IMMEDIATEH cash to spend ANY way you like, or simply wish 
to LOWER your monthly paym ents by a third or more, here are the dea ls
we have TODAY (hurry, these ofers will expre TONIGHT):

$488,000.00 at a 3.67,% fixed-rateC
$372,000.00 at a 3.90,% variable-rateX
$492,000.00 at a 3.21,% interest-onlyZ
$248,000.00 at a 3.36,% fixed-rateZ
$198,000.00 at a 3.55,% variable-rate3

Hurry, when these deals are gone, they are gone Simply fill out this one-min 
ute form... 

Don't worry about approval, your cre dit will not disqualify you!

     Redrick, eyes  shining,  began  to  talk in his  excited  and  slightly
together hair, the face  smeared with drying slime with  finger marks in it,

crawled up on the rails with its  heavy  gray feet and in  those places they
muscles  to the weight  of the heavy backpack. He  watched Arthur out of the
and  Noonan was amazed to see the look of real, sincere love and  tenderness

blocked  by the  hill  with the burned-out tree on its rise.  He had  to  go
and well, they would have gotten by with a lot of sweat, but Arthur couldn't
system? He slipped on  a stone  that turned  under his foot, and fell in. He
     I'll get  through, I'll  get through, Redrick thought;  this is nothing

go anyway. He had nowhere  else to go. He'd go. And Arthur went. He wandered
carefully. There's another one I pulled out, thought Redrick. What does that

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