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[Dotgnu-libs-commits] The Daily Stock Barometer

From: Gladys Cantrell
Subject: [Dotgnu-libs-commits] The Daily Stock Barometer
Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 16:53:10 -0060


Fa lcon Ene rgy, Inc.
1 week ago $0.88
Today 1.91
Up from 1.60 Wend
5 Day Expected 2.90
Market Plus Top four Pick

There is a big PR campaign running all weekend!! This Is Going To Explode! 

Is FCYI Ready To Go? If You Think So, You Know what to Do...

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 26, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- Falcon Energy, Inc.  
is pleased to announce that it will be initiating a detailed study for two of 
the properties for which it holds exploration licenses in Mongolia. The studies 
will be in preparation for a work program on the properties. Falcon Energy Inc. 
will seek to engage a geological team to study its properties and make 
recommendations for the commencement of a work program. Both properties hold 
great promise for the discovery of significant deposits of Uranium.
The first property is the Huld License Area (license 9997X)

The Huld license area is located on the territory of Dashbalbar soum of Dornot 
province. This property is situated 650 km NE of Ulaanbaatar and 170 km North 
of Choibalsan /province center/ and 50 km NE of the significant Mardai Uranium 
deposit. Production of Uranium ore from the Mardai deposit has ranged up to 195 
tons annually.

The second property is the Har Tolgoi License Area (license 9996X)

The license area is located at the joint part of Tuvshinshiree, Monhhaan and 
Uubayan soums of Suhbaatar province. The Har Tolgoi license area comprises a 
total of 12,319 hectares.

With the current bull market for Uranium, a number of companies are currently 
very active in Uranium exploration. The Western Prospector's team is focused on 
the a uranium project located in North-Eastern Mongolia with the 2006 
exploration program, budgeted at US$16 million. UGL Enterprises also has 
holdings and great interest in the area.

Current major Uranium discoveries in Mongolia include the Dornod Deposit which 
has 40,128,000 pounds grading 0.118%, 31,664,000 pounds grading 0.177% and 
26,349,000 pounds grading 0.236% and the Gurvanbulag project (Western 
Prospector) which has a reported resource of 22,679,160 pounds grading 0.245% 
and an additional 19,183,616 pounds grading 0.135% (source: National Bank 
report February 25, 2005).

Despite uranium spot prices in 2000 that touched lows of less than US$7.00 per 
pound for U3O8, the spot price has since increased to over US$37.00 per pound 
(January 30, 2006), and the long term Uranium market outlook remains positive 
with increased consumption, and future downtrend of secondary uranium sources.

Uranium Deposits in Mongolia

Soviet and Mongolian geologists began exploring for uranium in Mongolia in the 
1940s. From 1967 to 1988 more systematic exploration for uranium was 
undertaken, and four major uranium deposits were defined in Mongolia, the 
Priargun, Gobi-Tamtsag, Khentii-Daur, and Northern Mongolian uranium provinces. 
Uranium deposits of economic value were discovered in the Dornod, Gurvanbulag, 
and Mardai areas of eastern Mongolia and the Kharaat area of southern Mongolia. 
The proven Uranium resources of Mongolia in these deposits are about 62,000 
metric tons,

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