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[Dotgnu-libs-commits] Business Concern

From: Alan Backford.
Subject: [Dotgnu-libs-commits] Business Concern
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 06:01:08 +0500

Compliments and Greetings. Please kindly allow me introduce myself. My names 
are Alan Backford, 
I am an accountant, by age 31 Years, graduate of the American Open University 
in Dubai, I am an 
English and I have returned to England for one reason; for the up bringing of 
my children in an English 
I was the head of the account department of a Private Bank in Netherlands and I 
would like to intimate 
you with certain facts that I believe would be of interest to you.
This involves a client who shared the same last name with you and had an 
investment placed under our 
bank's management years ago, the circumstances surrounding the investment made 
by this client who 
died interstate, with no known nominated successor in title over this 
investment made with the 
Private Banking Branch of my bank has made it very difficult to locate anyone 
who is directly related to 
the deceased.
With the very strong feeling that no one will ever come forward to claim the 
funds and the investigation 
coming to a close after several months, the need for an assistance becomes 
crucial, as a next of kin to 
the depositor is earnestly being searched for, I have already developed a 
fullproof, legal and totally 
risk free means through which the fund can be released to your nominated bank 
account within a very 
short time after due documentation and authentication process.
The strategy is to use the information contained in the file of the deceased to 
put up an application as 
the only surviving next of Kin and beneficiary of the deposit. I want to assure 
you that I have concluded 
all local modalities for the successful completion of this within 10 banking 
days of your agreement to 
proceed with me as the required assistance is perfected to be 100% risk free.
I expect your urgent response and if in the affirmative, I shall advice you on 
what we need to do.  I would 
therefore appreciate it, if you send all your messages and correspondence to my 
private and confidential 
email address;  address@hidden  I sincerely hope you respond soon.
Best regards,

Alan Backford.

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