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RE: [Dolibarr-dev-en] Deleting products

From: Lionel COUSTEIX
Subject: RE: [Dolibarr-dev-en] Deleting products
Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2006 21:35:27 -0000


And welcome to the non french Dolibarr project.

As a user of this (release 2.0.0) I confirm that we can not delete at this time products and / or services. The one thing you can do, and it is the best way to have good statistics is to not delete a service or a product you have used or invoiced in the past.

Dolibarr offers two options in "State line" about products and services: On sell or Out of Sell

This will activate or noit a service or a product in your list.

On my own, I don't have any problem about modifying contents.

May be, you can have a look in your Rights about this. I'm using the application with all rights as an Administrator.




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