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[Dolibarr-bugtrack] [Bug #1355] Tasks parents visibility

From: Doliforge
Subject: [Dolibarr-bugtrack] [Bug #1355] Tasks parents visibility
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2014 10:55:26 +0400

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Tasks parents visibility

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27/04/2014 10:55 (Indian/Reunion)
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Last Modified On:  27/04/2014 00:20 Submitted by:  Kévin Laîné (kevinlai80)
Submitted on:  21/04/2014 20:33 
Summary:  Tasks parents visibility
Description:  When you create a task, and want to select a parents projects, there is two similar line with the same visibility.
Step to reproduce bug:  
Detected in version:  3.5.2 Category:  Module: Projects
Severity:  4 OS Type/Version:  
PHP version:   Database type and version:  
Status:  Need more info Assigned to:  Aucun
Resolution:  Aucun 


Laurent Destailleur 27/04/2014 00:20
I can't reproduce.
Can you provide a screenshot to help us to understand the problem ?

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