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[Dolibarr-bugtrack] [Bug #792] f.facnumber and Error_INVOICE_SUPPLIER_AD

From: Doliforge
Subject: [Dolibarr-bugtrack] [Bug #792] f.facnumber and Error_INVOICE_SUPPLIER_ADDON_NUMBER_NotDefined
Date: Thu, 02 May 2013 21:23:35 +0200

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f.facnumber and Error_INVOICE_SUPPLIER_ADDON_NUMBER_NotDefined

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02/05/2013 21:23 (Europe/Paris)
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Submitted by:  David A. G. (braito) Submitted on:  04/04/2013 11:09
Last Modified On:  17/04/2013 16:38 
Summary:  f.facnumber and Error_INVOICE_SUPPLIER_ADDON_NUMBER_NotDefined
Description:  f.facnumber is missing when dolibarr try to get the unpaid supplier's invoices.

Error_INVOICE_SUPPLIER_ADDON_NUMBER_NotDefined , I think it's the same error
Step to reproduce bug:  f.facnumber appears in the dolibarr's home page.

and Error_INVOICE_SUPPLIER_ADDON_NUMBER_NotDefined appears when i try to paid a invoice supplier.
Version:  develop Category:  Module: Supplier Invoice
Severity:  5 - Major OS Type/Version:  
PHP version:   Database type and version:  
Status:  Closed Assigned to:  HENRY Florian (fhenry)
Resolution:  Fixed 


HENRY Florian 17/04/2013 16:38
The accountancy module is fix.
And the default choice is set if you desactivate and activate the module (or on first activation)

Fix this bug.
David A. G. 08/04/2013 15:21
I fixed Error_INVOICE_SUPPLIER_ADDON_NUMBER_NotDefine. But, I don't understand why unset the default choice.

f.facnumber is fixed. but, You should check the accountancy module to fix this:
Petición último acceso a la base de datos erróneo: SELECT f.rowid, f.facnumber, f.type, f.datef, f.libelle, fd.total_ttc, fd.tva_tx, fd.total_ht, fd.tva as total_tva, fd.product_type, s.rowid as socid, s.nom as name, s.code_compta_fournisseur, p.rowid as pid, p.ref as ref, p.accountancy_code_buy, ct.accountancy_code_buy as account_tva, ct.recuperableonly FROM llx_facture_fourn_det fd LEFT JOIN llx_c_tva ct ON fd.tva_tx = ct.taux AND fd.info_bits = ct.recuperableonly AND ct.fk_pays = '4' LEFT JOIN llx_product p ON p.rowid = fd.fk_product JOIN llx_facture_fourn f ON f.rowid = fd.fk_facture_fourn JOIN llx_societe s ON s.rowid = f.fk_soc WHERE f.fk_statut > 0 AND f.entity = 1 AND f.type IN (0,1,2,3) AND f.datef >= '20130301000000' AND f.datef <= '20130331235959'
Código devuelto último acceso a la base de datos erróneo: DB_ERROR_NOSUCHFIELD
Información sobre el último acceso a la base de datos erróneo: Unknown column 'f.facnumber' in 'field list'

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