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[Dolibarr-bugtrack] [Bug #833] Accounting journals are broken

From: Doliforge
Subject: [Dolibarr-bugtrack] [Bug #833] Accounting journals are broken
Date: Thu, 02 May 2013 21:20:29 +0200

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Accounting journals are broken

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02/05/2013 21:20 (Europe/Paris)
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Submitted by:  Raphaël Doursenaud (rdoursenaud) Submitted on:  20/04/2013 02:01
Last Modified On:  20/04/2013 14:58 
Summary:  Accounting journals are broken
Description:  For a 1000€ invoice, sell journal outputs 49000€
Step to reproduce bug:  
Version:  develop Category:  Module: Accounting
Severity:  5 - Major OS Type/Version:  Ubuntu 12.10
PHP version:  5.4.6 Database type and version:  MySql 5.5.29
Status:  Closed Assigned to:  HENRY Florian (fhenry)
Resolution:  Fixed 


Raphaël Doursenaud 20/04/2013 14:58
No, It's been fixed the proper way. Just waiting for the mainline merge :
Marcos García 20/04/2013 14:36
Oh... Now I see. It seems to be a problem with SQL query... sorry then :/ Should I reopen bug #817 ?
Raphaël Doursenaud 20/04/2013 14:11
Bug already fixed.
You might want to try with a french company.
Marcos García 20/04/2013 13:34

¿? ¿? Can't reproduce.

Here's an screenshot of what I see: 

HENRY Florian 20/04/2013 13:08
The bug has been corrected. Pull request send inside GIT sources
( and waiting to merge
into develop branch.
Raphaël Doursenaud 20/04/2013 02:58
And also b3a035951fa85f1903d93d5ed36e5fd217b0793a for purchases journal.

We may want to reopen bug #817 and ask Marcos Garcia for a better fix.
Raphaël Doursenaud 20/04/2013 02:52
Please revert d6b42ac87924a38ed3307e93c38c6dedf4563ef7


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