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[Dolibarr-bugtrack] [Bug #566] Recording invoices payments customers

From: Doliforge
Subject: [Dolibarr-bugtrack] [Bug #566] Recording invoices payments customers
Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2013 22:07:48 +0100

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Recording invoices payments customers

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2013-03-06 22:07 (Europe/Paris)
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5 - Major7

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Submitted by:  Jean-Pierre Doursenaud (jpdoursenaud) Submitted on:  2012-10-03 17:24
Last Modified On:  2013-01-25 16:36 Dolibarr version:  3.2.1
PHP version:   Database type and version:  
OS Type/Version:   Category:  Other
Severity:  7 
Summary:  Recording invoices payments customers
Description:  Menu Compta/tréso, Rapports :
Les factures d’acompte client ne doivent apparaître ni dans le journal des ventes, ni dans le chiffre d’affaires. Il n’y a pas d’obligation de les enregistrer, l’enregistrement comptable constate uniquement le règlement en trésorerie.
Source : Mémento Pratique Francis Lefebvre Comptable &656

Traduction Google documents
Menu Accounting / Tréso, Reports:
Invoices payment customers should not appear in the sales journal or in the sales. There is no obligation to register, recording accounting only recognizes the cash settlement.
Source: Practical Handbook Francis Lefebvre Accounting &656
Step to reproduce bug:  
Resolution:  Remind Assigned to:  None
Status:  Open 


Maxime Kohlhaas 2013-01-25 16:36
I just discovered this hidden option and I must say that's exactly how I need it to work.
Have a deposit added as a line in the final bill was not good to me.
Jean-Pierre Doursenaud 2013-01-07 12:19
En droit français, les factures d'acompte ne font pas partie du chiffre d'affaires, ne rentrent au CA que les opérations réalisées.
Le deuxième comportement est donc celui attendu. En conséquence, les factures d'acompte devront être retirées du journal des ventes.
Laurent Destailleur 2012-11-08 12:12
By default, when we make a 10 deposit and an invoice to sell 100, dolibarr create
* a deposit invoice 10
* an invoice 90 (that is 100 with deposit discount).
So to have correct turnover we include deposits into reports.

If option FACTURE_DEPOSITS_ARE_JUST_PAYMENTS is on, when we make a 10 deposit and an invoice to sell 100, dolibarr create
* a deposit invoice 10
* an invoice 100 (and a payment coming from deposit).
In this case, deposit is not included into reports.

Dolibarr support the 2 ways of working. This does not change only the reporting, it also change the way workflow works (deposit is added as a negative invoice line by default, deposit is added as a payment if option FACTURE_DEPOSITS_ARE_JUST_PAYMENTS is on).

Question is, what is the good way of working ?
For the moment, option FACTURE_DEPOSITS_ARE_JUST_PAYMENTS is off by default.

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