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[Dolibarr-bugtrack] [Bug #739] Installer hangs or loops

From: Doliforge
Subject: [Dolibarr-bugtrack] [Bug #739] Installer hangs or loops
Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2013 03:00:26 -0800

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Installer hangs or loops


Submitted by:  J. Moen (rastatech) Submitted on:  2013-03-01 03:00
Last Modified On:  2013-03-01 03:00 Dolibarr version:  3.3
PHP version:  5.3.22 Database type and version:  mySQL 5
OS Type/Version:  SunOS 5.1 Category:  Other
Severity:  4 
Summary:  Installer hangs or loops
Description:  Using Shared Server hosted by

When supplied with correct parameters, install never completes, but appears to hang or loop.

Host requires databases be created usingphpMyAdmin, which assigns database name and owner's username.

I added print statements to etape1.php -- it never came back from function call to getDoliDBInstance, whose code is in /core/lib/functions.lib.php. I added trace statements and discovered it died or never came back from this statement in that function:

$dolidb=new $class($type, $host, $user, $pass, $name, $port);

When I supply the real dbusername (which is address@hidden), then control never comes back from the above statement.

When I re-run and supply an incorrect username without the at-sign, e.g. "xxxxxx" then it does not loop, but immediately comes back with an error message:

Access denied for user 'xxxxxx'@'' (using password: YES)
As connection failed, host or super user parameters must be wrong.
Go backward and correct wrong parameters.

I am guessing when I left out the, my host supplied a default value for the remainder of the username, and that is invalid.

I don't know if the @ or at-sign in the db username is causing this statement to loop or die. I am forced by the hosting company to use that username for the database.

Note: I have installed another application (Moodle, a course or class management system) written in PHP and mySQL. It did not have any problems with a username with an at-sign.

Is there any way around this, so the full username with "@" will not cause the install code to hang?

Step to reproduce bug:  Using FTP, moved latest source to folder /dolibarr under root. Using browser, started /dolibarr/install/index.php. Selected "Fresh install" - Start. Filled in required fields including hostname, dbname, dbowner, password. Chose mysqli (later also tried older mysql.)

Clicked Next step-> Response was etape1.php's header, with browser clocking, waiting for remainder of response.

Eventually a blank message box appeared, but no message in it. No form, no button to click to continue the install.

Resolution:  None Assigned to:  None
Status:  Open 

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