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[Dnarchitect-devel] deciduous firefly

From: Freddie Anthony
Subject: [Dnarchitect-devel] deciduous firefly
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 16:53:26 -0500

He could see her silver body bendingtowards Edward. Again she rapped herknife on the table; again he half rose.
She was sitting onthe edge of a table, eating a ham sandwich. But he could not understand the argument, which was already heated. But he did not believe injoining societies, in signing manifestoes. At theirage, he thought, he had been in the trenches; he had seen menkilled.
Nothing would be easier than to join a society, tosign what Patrick called a manifesto.
He hadntworried himself about politics and money, he thought.
If he didnt take care he would bedrawn in too. The children took the slices andstared at them with a curious fixed stare as if they were fierce.
She flung her head back and looked for a momentastonishingly young, handsome, and defiant.
Peggy was watching him over the rim of her ham sandwich.
I know there wassomething I wanted to ask. But Peggy was waiting, she was watching him. He wont be happy till hes got Dublin Castle back again, Deliatwitted him. Youll have to come and stay withme, Nell. The old people were alreadygossiping about their own affairs.
He held the coins in his hand; pressedbetween his thumb and finger.
But I wish you had let Nicholas finish his speech, said Eleanor. Edward, she began, trying to attract his attention.
But,thinking of the dark, something baffled her; in fact it was growinglight.
They always would quarrel, she said,always . Theyfall and fall and cover all, he murmured.
North wondered, as they stoodthere surveying each other. But thats asking too much of you, Edward?
A van crashed down the street in thedistance.
Unknown young men coming round with trays pressed differenteatables upon them. There was a subtle deference in his manner. And it is fitting, he continued, wavinghis hand out, when our hearts are full of gratitude. Youve filled out, said Edward, looking him up and down. The present; the future; that was what she wanted.

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