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Re: [dmidecode] runtime update of smbios

From: Jean Delvare
Subject: Re: [dmidecode] runtime update of smbios
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2022 11:07:13 +0100

Hi Arthur,

On Thu, 3 Mar 2022 23:49:43 +0100, Arthur Heymans wrote:
> So is this about the Log Change Token? It's not super clear to me what that
> means from the spec.

The Log Change Token is the only part of the table which is expected to
be updated at runtime. It indicates that the BIOS event log has
changed, so whoever is interested in the information can read the BIOS
event log again. This is not yet supported by dmidecode, but can be
accessed from sysfs on some systems:


However this is not going to help with all the other changes that can
happen to the system, such as hardware hot-plugging or hot-removal. The
fact that such changes are not reflected dynamically in the DMI table
is a limitation of the specification so there's nothing we can do about
it at the OS or application level.

Jean Delvare
SUSE L3 Support

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