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[dmidecode] Bug: dmidecode -ut4 segfaults

From: Jerry Hoemann
Subject: [dmidecode] Bug: dmidecode -ut4 segfaults
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2021 01:26:10 -0700


On current dmidecode I build, I am seeing core dumps (SEGFAULT) when running:

        ./dmidecode -ut4 --from-dump _file_

For most, but not all, of my saved HPE dmi binary dumps.

e.g. the DL385G10.dmi I sent you earlier segfaults.

The segfault is coming from dmidecode.c:5239

                display = ((opt.type == NULL || opt.type[h.type])
                        && (opt.handle == ~0U || opt.handle == h.handle)
                        && !((opt.flags & FLAG_QUIET) && (h.type == 126 || 
h.type == 127))
                        && !opt.string);

When run under gdb, it appears that the "opt" structure was over
written by ascii characters.

I bisected the submits and the issue first appears in:

        da06888 dmidecode: Use the print helpers in dump mode too

I haven't had a chance to dig into submit(da06888) so have not RCA'd
the issue.

Can you reproduce in your environment?




Jerry Hoemann                  Software Engineer   Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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