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[dmidecode] Adding -s bios-revision & -s firmware-revision support

From: Erwan Velu
Subject: [dmidecode] Adding -s bios-revision & -s firmware-revision support
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2019 17:50:00 +0200

I faced a situation where some vendors like HPe encodes the release
version of the bios into the bios_revision field.

Dmidecode only exports the bios-version which is not relevant here. So
I simply added a new entry of the -s option to expose this.

I performed the same operation for the firmware_revision which helps
extraction the BMC version of the server.

Both are useful when tracking firmware versions across an infrastructure.

Please find the two patches attached,

Attachment: 0002-dmidecode-Adding-firmware-revision-support-to-s-opti.patch
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