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[dmidecode] Having dmidecode being machine friendly

From: Erwan Velu
Subject: [dmidecode] Having dmidecode being machine friendly
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2018 16:00:51 +0200

Hi folks,

That's almost an endless story but I'm back one more time with almost
the same idea/need.
I'm currently developing a tool for doing some consistency check for
clusters and reporting the hardware configuration is obviously one of
these tasks to perform.
I'm trying to compare nodes between themselves but also against a
"definition" of them.

I'll be part of a GO tooling so I need to do my stuff in go.

So what are the solutions for a third party tool to get __accurate__
dmi information from a system ?

I found a couple of GO libraries which are all outdated or just try to
parse the string output of dmidecode. Both of them are not really
satisfying. I could also use lshw which have dmi support but much less
accurate than dmidecode, which is to my opinion, the most up-to-date
opensource tool to get DMI information.

As dmidecode is where the vendor contributes but is also the most used
DMI tooling,  why not having at least a machine-readable format output
(like json) to ease the parsing output of dmidecode ? That would made
our (3rd party tooling) lives much easier.

Thx !


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