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[dmidecode] non-dmi compliant systems

From: Eric Saint-Etienne
Subject: [dmidecode] non-dmi compliant systems
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2016 09:25:27 +0100
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It appears that dmidecode can be called on systems that do not contain DMI tables. For instance the python-dmidecode module, often used to get system information, includes dmidecode sources, verbatim. Programs that collect system information using python-dmidecode work fine on x86 compatible systems, but on machines such as SPARC, it simply makes cPython seg-fault when accessing non-existent DMI tables via mmap().

I'm only concerned with the SPARC case (no other arch has shout as of yet) and I've got a patch for an older version of dmidecode that prevents from accessing DMI tables on the SPARC architecture. It's basically a bunch of conditional compilation around accessing DMI tables.

If you find that using #if...#else at the right places an acceptable guard-rail, I'll then submit to this list a patch for the master branch.

When the patch will be in, other architectures/systems that don't support DMI tables (ARM?, MIPS?...) could be easily added.


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