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Re: [dmidecode] /sys/firmware interface?

From: Jean Delvare
Subject: Re: [dmidecode] /sys/firmware interface?
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2015 10:33:13 +0100

Hi Ivan,

Le Thursday 05 February 2015 à 16:39 +0200, Ivan Khoronzhuk a écrit :
> I can send library patch to dmidecode-dev list for convenience.
> What do you say?

I'm not sure what you mean with "library patch". If you mean the patch
which makes dmidecode use the library, I think you sent that already. If
you mean the code of the library itself, then I'd rather look at the
whole project than just a "patch". Where is it hosted?

Jean Delvare
SUSE L3 Support

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