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[dmidecode] dmidecode and RAM speed limit

From: Mark Ryden
Subject: [dmidecode] dmidecode and RAM speed limit
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2009 13:56:48 +0200

  I have DDR2 Ram of 667 MHz. I want to upgrade it to a higher speed DDR2.
If I remember correctly, when I bought the machine it was written on some note
that the max speed for DDR2 ram on this machine is 800 MHz , but I am not sure
and I cannot find the note.

I see that there is DDR2 with 667  MHz, 800  MHz and 1066 MHz in stores.
Is there a way to know what is the highest RAM speed for my motherboard?
I tried to find this info from dmidecode and from
decode-dimms of i2c-tools  and could not.


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