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[dmidecode] Dmidecode 2.10 has been released

From: Jean Delvare
Subject: [dmidecode] Dmidecode 2.10 has been released
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2008 22:13:00 +0100

Hi all,

Dmidecode 2.10 was released today as was initially planned. The changes
from 2.9 are as follows:

* Support for Solaris (x86 only, of course).
* Possibility to dump the SMBIOS/DMI table to a small binary file
  (option --dump-bin).
* Possibility to read the SMBIOS/DMI table from such binary files
  (option --from-dump).
* Support for SMBIOS 2.6. This includes new chassis types, new
  processor family names, new processor family upgrade names, bus
  address for system slots, and a new entry type for on-board devices,
  amongst many other minor changes.
* Support for DMI entry type 31 (Boot integrity services).
* Many processor family names taken from the CIM Schema document.

* No longer ask users to report broken records.
* Fix --quiet option.

This new release is available for download from the usual place:

Jean Delvare

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