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[dmidecode] Win32 version detection bug in Win32 port

From: Joshua Hernstrom
Subject: [dmidecode] Win32 version detection bug in Win32 port
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 08:45:25 -0600

I found a minor bug in Hugo Weber's suggested patch for Win32 support.
Currently Vista and WinPE 2.0 are being reported as XP_2K.

I fixed this in winsmbios.c, in the function get_windows_platform() by
changing the conditional to determine the OS version as follows:

(version.dwMajorVersion >= 6) || (version.dwMajorVersion = 5 &&
version.dwMinorVersion >= 2))

That should correctly pick up any version of 5.2 (Win Server 2003) or higher
and 6.x (Vista, WinPE 2.0) and higher.

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