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[dmidecode] repository of dmidecode output ?

From: Jim Cromie
Subject: [dmidecode] repository of dmidecode output ?
Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2006 09:40:11 -0600
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Hi Jean ;-)

Is there a repository of dmidecode outputs ?
Shouldnt there be ?

fwiw, I checked the ML archives for 'Handle',
which should have found anything like this..

Handle 0x000F
       DMI type 32, 20 bytes.
       System Boot Information
               Status: No errors detected

Could we have an ML for collecting dmidecode-outputs from around the world ?

... if all linux users were to run (something like) this once on each machine ...

   cat /proc/cpuinfo
   cat /proc/meminfo
)  | mail -s 'dmidecode-output'   address@hidden

We would have the raw data to answer various questions:

- how many BIOS vendors are in the repository / world ?
- how many versions from each, how often do they update ?
- is a particular 'Handle' common/rare/unique ?
- does this 'Handle' occur on a wide range of cpus ?

< blue-sky speculation elided >    ;-)


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