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[dmidecode] dmidecode not return type 2 (baseboard)

From: Talmai Oliveira
Subject: [dmidecode] dmidecode not return type 2 (baseboard)
Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 13:46:20 -0300
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While using dmidecode on some desktop machines no type 2 (baseboard) info is returned. But, when we boot win XP up and use DMICFG we can clearly see that the information is there...

offset 05H (Product) is *not* null..
but the other attributes of the structure is NULL..

I can only guess that dmidecode ignores this type if some other attribute is null, such as MANUFACTURER..

has anyone else noticed this? can anyone give me some kind of advice on where I can modify the source to try to get this information regardless of whether or not some of the attributes are NULL?



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