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RE: [dmidecode] Re: dmidecode for DOS?

From: Anderson, Ian
Subject: RE: [dmidecode] Re: dmidecode for DOS?
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 20:44:16 -0400

Sorry to hear that, I was hoping that integrating the patches would garner
attention from someone who has actually done some DOS C programming and
clean them up (assuming they can be).
On a related note, would it be possible to a another switch that would add a
chunk of text before an -s tag output?
I'd like to be able to create a batch file/shell script that can do the

dmidecode -s chassis-asset-tag -e set assettag= > env.bat 
dmidecode -s chassis-serial-number -e set serialno= > env.bat 
dmidecode -s system-product-name -e set model= > env.bat

and then env.bat would be
set assettag=[assettag]
set serialno=[serialno]
set model=[model]

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Subject: [dmidecode] Re: dmidecode for DOS?

Hi Ian,

[Ian Anderson]
> Not sure exactly what I did, I just tried simplifying the code so that 
> short options would work, but with the attached dmiopt.c I was able to 
> successfully compile dmidecode under DOS and all command line options 
> appear to work as expected.  It may be a FreeDOS-specific compile, but 
> it does work. :)

Most certainly you replaced getopt_long with getopt, and I guess the former
wasn't supported by DJGPP but the latter was.

It's great to know that dmidecode can be easily hacked to work in DOS
environments. I will probably not integrate these changes in the mainline
sources though, because I would be unable to maintain compatibility
afterwards (not having a test system).

Jean Delvare


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