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[dmidecode] dmidecode for DOS?

From: Anderson, Ian
Subject: [dmidecode] dmidecode for DOS?
Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 10:35:23 -0400

This may seem like a strange request in this day and age, but is it possible
to compile dmidecode so that it will run under DOS?
My idea is that if I have a DOS dmidecode binary, I can take a brand new
system, do a PXE boot off the network and keep the UNDI stack loaded, run
dmidecode and return the information to a central server.  In theory this
boot image should work indefinitely as long as PXE and DMI/SMBIOS remain
A second application involves reading the chassis asset tag and using that
as a unique ID for an unattended installation of an operating system.
I have a DJGPP enviroment set up and did a quick, unsuccessful compile of
it.  I am not a C programmer, so I will need help, if this is possible at


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