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Re: libobcj2 on GCC

From: Andreas Fink
Subject: Re: libobcj2 on GCC
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2023 10:54:28 +0300

The biggest problem with GCC is the lack of support of objective-C 2.0 patterns.
Especially ARC, which every ObjC application or library developed on the mac 
the last 10 years or so for sure uses.

> On 5 Apr 2023, at 10:05, Steven R. Baker <steven@stevenrbaker.com> wrote:
> Hiya,
> Who here best knows what needs to be done to bring GCC's objc up to date?  Is 
> it as "simple" as porting libobjc2 to GCC?  I'd like to see GCC's 
> implementation as the "gold standard."
> Is there someone on this list I can pay out of my own pocket to work on this 
> without absolutely breaking the bank?
> I'd love to see it done, but I don't really have skills in compiler 
> development.  (Although I'd love to learn.)
> Cheers!
> -Steven

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