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GNUstep project - looking for developer

From: Andreas Höschler
Subject: GNUstep project - looking for developer
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2021 12:59:05 +0100

Hi all,

please find enclosed my description of a small GNUstep project for which I 
would like to hire someone (budget available).

• we need a small command line GNUstep Objective-C program that opens a 
TCP-socket and then serves CalDav and CalCard-Requests from iPhones, iPads. 
iPhone/iPad users should be able to login using Apples Calendar app and then 
read/write contact and appointment data. The usage of Apache to simplify the 
communication (SSL,...) is allowed. In this case the Objective-C program would 
probably function as a CGI.

• the aspired Objective-C program could store data (appointments, contacts, 
credentials of the users) in the simplest thinkable form (only what is 
absolutely needed to demonstrate the successful operation of the program), e.g. 
in a couple of ivars (NSMutableArray, NSMutableDictionary) or in a propertyList 
saved on disk (in case of a stateless CGI) since the data repository part will 
be replaced by us anyway.

• the deployment platform will be GNUstep on Ubuntu 16.04. The resulting code 
for this project could become open-source (any license is fine). We just need 
to be able to extend the sources with our database stuff and use the result 

Anyone willing to jump in here (suggestions, offers, cost estimates)? 



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