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Info about the project

From: Umberto Cerrato
Subject: Info about the project
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2021 17:46:30 +0000


Where I could ask some info about gnustep?

I am reading the things about the website. F.e. I would like to help with 
something basic about the website.
And help with the, what I think necessary, restyling of the project.

But I am not aware of the actual project settings. It *sounds like* a mess to 
me. I thought there was:
- a code repository
- a simple website

It seems it is more complicated though. That’s why I am asking you.

I would like to doing something also because I think it could help me better 
understand the project.

- U

I am writing here because I didn’t want to reply to the “wrong” email in the 
other thread.

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