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Re: [ML] Hosting of gnustep.org

From: H. Nikolaus Schaller
Subject: Re: [ML] Hosting of gnustep.org
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2021 18:15:46 +0100

> Am 19.01.2021 um 18:05 schrieb Ivan Vučica <ivan@vucica.net>:
> On Tue, Jan 19, 2021 at 2:19 PM H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns@goldelico.com> 
> wrote:
>>> And requires someone to pay for host an SQL database and someone to be 
>>> responsible for security updates.
>> I am not aware that we did pay anything for PHP and SQL database of the swi 
>> in the past 8 years. Why should that change?
>> All of this is FLOSS. Just apt-get it. To get security updates.
> Hosting hardware costs money. (My VPS costs me EUR15 which I could
> spend on, say, beer instead. Or I could put it into an investment
> fund.)

If I understood Gregory correctly, there would even be some budget.

> Spending time on sysadmining has an opportunity cost -- not spending
> time on something else. (Any minute I spend maintaining my chat server
> [which I do happily run] is a minute I could spend with friends
> playing games, or I could spend time on cutting a GNUstep release, or
> maybe writing a script for a short film I could later shoot.)

So who has spent more time on administering the software index than me?
And I have spent 0 hours the past years. Except in the role as 
for change proposals every now and then. But that is not PHP or MySQL code
or whatever.

And it is a pleasure for me to devote this time to the project.

In summary we are already spending more time just discussing pros and
cons of alternate solutions than it did need having it as is.

And if someone can provide me a host with apache, php and mysql I can
migrate it from the current host and back it is. Thats it.

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