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ANN: New version of PikoPixel, pixel-art editor

From: Josh Freeman
Subject: ANN: New version of PikoPixel, pixel-art editor
Date: Sat, 9 Jan 2021 21:24:10 -0500

PikoPixel is a free, open-source (AGPLv3*) pixel-art editor for Mac OS X & GNUstep.

A new version has been released - 1.0 BETA10 - which fixes several issues:

- Mac: Fixed scrolling/zooming slowdowns on Retina displays
- GNUstep: Updated modifier-key combos for desktop environments that intercept the Super key - GNUstep: Modal dialogs now always appear in front of their document window - Fixed occasional display issue on Layer Control buttons after switching documents - Fixed occasional display issue on Preview panel after reverting a document
- Minor UI tweaks & fixes

The 1.0 BETA10 source archive can be downloaded from PikoPixel's homepage or from the GNUstep Software Index:

Building PikoPixel 1.0 BETA10 for GNUstep requires a GNUstep development environment with either of the supported compiler/runtime setups (GCC+gobjc or clang+objc2), and the following GS library versions (or later):
GNUstep Base: v1.24.9
GNUstep GUI & Back: v0.25.0

Please send questions, comments, or issues to pikopixel (at) twilightedge (dot) com.



* AGPL version 3, or approved later versions

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