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MSYS2 build problem

From: Daniel Boyd
Subject: MSYS2 build problem
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2020 10:59:42 -0600

I am following the instructions on the web site for building in MSYS2 and I’m running into an error with the libffi library.


These are the instructions I’m using



and this is the error I get running ./configure for base

checking FFI library usage...       0 [main] conftest (34696) child_copy: cyghea

p read copy failed, 0x18034B408..0x180364FC8, done 0, windows pid 34696, Win32 e

rror 6

   2486 [main] conftest (34696) C:\msys64\home\dboyd\git\libs-base\conftest.exe:

*** fatal error - ccalloc would have returned NULL

configure: error: The ffi library (libffi) does not appear to be working.  Perha

ps it's missing or you need a more recent version.  Version 3.0.9 or later shoul

d work, and you can find a link to it n the list of packages for download at htt



libffi appeared to install without any issues with pacman

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