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Live GNUstep Android game ( Golf Blitz )

From: Jordan Schidlowsky
Subject: Live GNUstep Android game ( Golf Blitz )
Date: Fri, 3 May 2019 21:49:57 -0600

Hey all, just wanted to share with everyone on the list we FINALLY launched our 
Android game built on GNUstep, Golf Blitz.   It of course has an iOS 
counterpart but the Android build is built on top of GNUstep.   If you have an 
android device you can find it easily in the Google Play store by searching for 
"Golf Blitz", it's free.  It's a quite strange multiplayer golf game...

Some highlights:

Runtime: gnustep-runtime-1.9
Arch: armv7a softfp
Graphics: GLESv2, cocos2d
Uses blocks, arc, and libdispatch heavily.  Libdispatch isn't built into any 
runloop and we kinda bootstrap the apps main thread onto a java render 
thread...  We also just drain the main dispatch queue manually and the start of 
our game loop.  
Libs-base version:   9bcef37ae0bdf2ce5a1baacac2a3288cb39e2f03
Cloud game servers:  Google cloud

Next up on my todo list is the get the game running on the 2.1 runtime (thanks 
David for all your work!), as Google has a requirement that all new game 
updates have to be built as arm64 binaries by August.   I definitely will be 
able to provide a decent amount of testing for that runtime and arch.


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