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Re: data type polymorphism

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: data type polymorphism
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2015 22:49:28 +0100
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Hi Scott,

Scott Christley wrote:
Hi Riccardo,

Maxthon is not suggesting to pick a type during compile time, but instead use a 
macro to generate both cases in your code.  For your app it would be something 
like this where the macro has the code, and the C preprocessor is used to 
insert the code.  In reality you still have duplicate code.  I was aware of 
this solution but was interested to see if there was any alternatives.

              DATATYPE    *srcData; \
              DATATYPE    *destData; \
              DATATYPE    *p1; \
              DATATYPE    *p2; \
              // etc.

   if ([srcImageRep bitsPerSample] == 8)
        PROCESS_IMAGE(unsigned char)
   else if ([srcImageRep bitsPerSample] == 16)
        PROCESS_IMAGE(unsigned short)

Oh thank you for explaining it. This is feasible for short pieces of code, but if you have a hundred of lines, either you split it up in smaller makro-pieces or it is a mess.

Thanks anyway.


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