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Re: GORM and NSCollectionView

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: GORM and NSCollectionView
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2015 20:49:25 +0100
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Hi Fred,

Fred Kiefer wrote:

Now the flickering is gone for me. I still have the other problem of
corrupted subview display after extensive resize, but I wont be looking
into that today. I just will commit my changes and you all should try to
test them with different conditions, maybe even the OpenGL?

I'm testing with Grr which I know suffered really a lot of flickering.

I am testing right now on "art" backend. The flickering is gone to a great extent. Actually some parts, especially the tool bar, do flicker, but not on black, but on the background, thus it is much less disturbing.

While resizing again and again, I can get in a very strange state: the toolbar flickers a bit more after I release the mouse and then when I just pass with the mouse over the window (no more resizing) the toolbar flickers. At a first attempt, the application did even hang, further attemps not. After a while it stops. It is as if there were "events" in queue being processed by the mouse over.

However, a fresh started Grr instance and window does not flicker with mouse over.


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