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Re: UDanax "Green" Convert from Next to GNUStep ?

From: jimserac
Subject: Re: UDanax "Green" Convert from Next to GNUStep ?
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2015 18:54:48 -0700 (PDT)
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On Monday, March 9, 2015 at 3:09:01 PM UTC-4, Riccardo Mottola wrote:
> Hi,
> address@hidden wrote:
> > Idea of the Month...
> >
> > Has anyone thought about trying to port Nelson's Open Sourced Udanax 
> > "Green",frontend,
> > originally written for the NeXT, to GNUStep ?
> >
> > http://udanax.xanadu.com/green/download/index.html
> >
> > (For historical interest, udanax-oldfen.tar.gz is an old frontend written 
> > in C for the NeXT platform.)
> > http://udanax.xanadu.com/green/download/udanax-oldfen.tar.gz
> >
> I don't know how useful, but an interesting challenge indeed! But I see 
> no mention of NeXT or Objective-c there. The screenshot doesn't look 
> like it either.
> Riccardo

Ya, the code is custom, isn't it. But interesting.   Most interesting to me, 
for starters, is the Overview document in the Demo_docs directory.   It's  a 
quick and dirty bird's eye view of what it's all about.   A shame it's not in 
more conventional Next code because GNUStep was MADE for stuff like this.

Is there a Smalltalk that runs under GNUStep....what is it, that Etollier 
thingy I came across a while ago ?


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