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Re: Strange behaviour regarding miniaturization and menus

From: A. Arias
Subject: Re: Strange behaviour regarding miniaturization and menus
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2013 17:11:12 -0600

El jue, 21-02-2013 a las 09:24 +0100, Fred Kiefer escribió:
> Thank you for this detailed event list. I will need some time to make 
> sense out of it. Your second liosting may help in that process. What I 
> don't understand is why the windows of the gNUstep application would 
> need to be redrawn, are these the unmapped windows you wrote about?
> It looks like we get TAKE_FOCUS twice, but now map notify events. In 
> which state is the GNUstep application before the focus transfer? Maybe 
> we have an issue in NSApplication here (activated, hidden)?
> Perhaps you could run these tests again and add a second argument
> --GNU-Debug=Focus this should give even more detailed output.

Attached the full output, testing with Ink. Here some important times in
the steps I do.

1) First I open a web browser window. Then I open the shell to launch
Ink. At time (22:46:33.506) Ink has been launched.

2) Then I minimize the web browser window. Time (22:47:06.274). Ink
looks perfectly, no problem.

3) Then restore the web browser window. Time (22:47:43.506).

4) Click at title bar of document window on Ink. To move it to front.
Ink get the focus. Time (22:48:08.754).

5) Minimize again the web browser window. I lost the menu of Ink. Time

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