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Re: ProjectCenter / Gorm do not work together

From: A. Arias
Subject: Re: ProjectCenter / Gorm do not work together
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2013 13:00:59 -0600

El sáb, 09-02-2013 a las 09:18 +0100, edwin ancaer escribió:
> Germán,
> Thanks, ProjectCenter and Gorm cooperate quit nicely now. I had never
> heard of this command in the different guides I read about GNUstep.
> Should this be put in a script to run when starting the shell?

If you don't have installed GWorkspace, yes.

> Any idea about the white rectangles?
> It is not preventing me to continue trying out ProjectCenter & Gorm ,
> but it might as well be the symptom of a bigger problem that still
> lays ahead.

I'm not sure. But, what backend are you using? See in gnustep-back
source directory the config.log file, and look what backend was build.
The default is Cairo, but if you don't have the dev package of cairo
library (something like libcairo-dev), will be build the xlib backend.

In the case you are using cairo backend, what version of cairo are you

> Edwin

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