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GNUstep Project Center Build problem

From: 周承康
Subject: GNUstep Project Center Build problem
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2012 10:15:38 +0800

Dear GNUstep:

I'm a new comer of GNUstep. Once I install the GNUstep (include Project Center & Gorm) 
and input a sample code, I'm now faced a problem when I press "Build" button.

error message : 

5: /common.make : no such file or directory
50: /aggregate.make : no such file or directory
51: /application.make : no such file or directory

GNUmakefile:5: /common.make : no such file or directory
GNUmakefile:50: /aggregate.make : no such file or directory
GNUmakefile:51: /application.make : no such file or directory
make: *** Norule to make target '/application.make'. Stop.
===Build terminated! ===

and after I survey from google search, I still can't get any helpful solution.
So I have to get some advise from GNUstep. thanks.

Best regards.


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