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ANN: PRICE 1.1.0

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: ANN: PRICE 1.1.0
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 23:42:02 +0200
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P. R. I. C. E.  1.1.0

I released a new version of PRICE, 1.1.0, today.

What is PRICE?

It stands for Precision Raster Image Convolution Engine and is an application that is capable of filtering and processing images. It is available on both GNUstep (thus linux, netbsd, freebsd, openbsd, solaris) and MacOSX (tested from 10.2 Puma and up). It is multi-document based and can open all standard images supported by GNUstep (tiff, png, jpg to cite some). It is capable of doing standard operation like crop&scale or brightness&contrast as well as more advanced operations with frequency-based filters or median filters or customizable edge tracing.

Where to find it?

where you will find also some online documentation which you will probably need to understand better how to use the program.

PRICE is GPL'd and each filter is a separate class with well-defined interfaces so I encourage the reuse of them in other applications.

What are the news?

/* Curves/: this was a lot of work (and will need more). Smooth way to correct highlights and shadows with an S-curve. Source and resulting histograms are displayed.

/* Bilinear filtering/: scaling will now look better!

* Minor tweaks to the interface, like the filters that on cancel while previewing or on GNUstep the convolve matrix reacting on end editing.

* A plethora of bug fixes and portability enhancements

I first started working on PRICE in 2002 and it was open-sourced that year. CVS history starts Jan 2003. This is thus a sort of 10th anniversary release.


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