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clang / libobjc2 stability / crashes

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: clang / libobjc2 stability / crashes
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 11:58:13 +0200
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Hi all,

having put FreeBSD 9 on my laptop, which removes obj-c from gcc and uses gcc only for legacy purposes until the clang switch, I need had to switch to clang.
- x86-32
- clang 3.0
- libobjc2 (from our source)

I have an essentially unusable GNUstep system and ask if other experience similar problems.
Some information:
 * tried switch ARC on and off, no help
 * compiling the application with debug=yes seems to solve the problem
* I compiled base with/wthout optimizations, no help. I fail to compile gui without for the reasons mentioned in another email

The applications which do crash, crash consistently and upon user action:
* FTP, connect to a server (e.g. ftp.gnustep.org, anonymously)
* PRICE, run the Curves filter
* GWorkspace: try to start an application by double-clicking

GSPdf doesn't crash, but on exit it prints out:
Calling [GSPdf -applicationShouldTerminate:] with incorrect signature. Method has address@hidden:address@hidden, selector has address@hidden:address@hidden

Other applications instead seem to work and I couldn't get them to crash, like Ink.

David is kindly helping me debugging this, but we made little progress. valgrind shows an error in GSFFIInvocation:

==4553== Source and destination overlap in memcpy(0x3975f40, 0x3975f40, 24)
==4553==    at 0x5E5B5: memcpy (in 
==4553==    by 

Since the application then hangs inside valgrind, there is no further output.

But I put an if() code to print out the size when src and dst are the same, it never gets reached (and the warning goes away).

I don't include stacktrace because I do not want to spam with a long message.

I did run the base tests and there is nothing really suspicious (see other email).

Somebody notices the same? Or has some ideas


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