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Bug known in gcc 4.4.7?

From: Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller
Subject: Bug known in gcc 4.4.7?
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 12:32:22 +0200

I have built a new cross-compiler toolchain for mySTEP
that aims at being compatible to Debian Squeeze, i.e. uses
a gcc-4.4.7.

It works fine for i486 and mipsel, but for arm-linux-gnueabi
I have one (final?) bug and I get errors from the assembler:

/var/folders/Q-/Q-r6LiEpG+S3E54UanorqU+++TM/-Tmp-//ccEz3XZW.s:6867: Error: 
symbol `_OBJC_CLASS_NSArchiver' is already defined
/var/folders/Q-/Q-r6LiEpG+S3E54UanorqU+++TM/-Tmp-//ccEz3XZW.s:6871: Error: 
symbol `_OBJC_CLASS_NSUnarchiver' is already defined

When looking into the source code generated by gcc -S
I really can see a duplicate definition, so it is a bug in
the code generator of my gcc...

I could also trace it down to the use of [super method].

I.e. each such call creates some wrong statement in
assembler code...

Does anyone know about such a gcc bug (only ARM EABI)?
And maybe a patch? Or at least how to find a patch?


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