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Re: Question about object initialization and autorelease

From: Omar Campos
Subject: Re: Question about object initialization and autorelease
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2012 17:09:40 -0430

Hi all,

 Thanks for your replies.

I understand better about the AUTORELEASE macro now. I was using it instead of -autorelease, since I saw this is how it is done in the tutorials. I figured it must simply be done this way in GNUstep.  And you're right, AUTORELEASE() does not init the object (maybe that's why I was getting Illegal operation messages?).

> Also, coming from a iOS background,

If you come from iOS, is there a reason you choose not to use ARC?

What exactly is ARC? I haven't heard the term before.

>The correct time to send an -autorelease message is when you want a non-owning reference that is guaranteed to persist for the >duration of scope of a local variable and you have a religious of philosophical aversion to ARC.

I did not understand this part. What exactly is a non-owning reference? In fact, why bother using -autorelease at all? Doesn't the framework automatically create an autorelease pool when NSApplicationMain() is called?

Sorry if I am sound like a total newbie ('cause I actually am!). As I said, my Obj-C experience is with the iOS frameworks, particularly Cocoa Touch. And, in my year and two months experience, I haven't had the need to use -autorelease (or maybe there was, and my apps are leaking memory!).

Thanks again for your answers.  You guys are one of the best online communities I've ever participated in.


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