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Re: pure gnustep system

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: pure gnustep system
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2012 07:16:32 -0000
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Stefan Bidi wrote:
The only one I know of that is still being developed is (livecd.gnustep.org <http://livecd.gnustep.org>).

I would add the VM disttribution "one step to gnutep" by Richard Stonehouse. While not a proper "distro" it contains all what is needed and is ready to be started up inside a VM. The goal there is to provide an immediately usable system for developers and a reference for those who fail to get a working gnustep.

The RPM packages used to make it are available too. The only minimal complaint is that they are set up in FHS and not gnustep layout, which removes a bit the best experience in the workspace. The rest is very accurately done.

If you like a good experience by suing ready made packages, I'd suggest either a RPM bad distro where you can use Richard's, or gentoo or OpenBSD. Definitely not Debian ones: they work, but they are split up in such a way that they remove much of the OpenStep concept.

If you are ready to compile from source, then instead Debian & Gentoo I can definitely recommend for linux. Good and stable experience. For BSD I use FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD. They all work very smooth and I test everything on them by routine.

My personal recommendation would be do configure with layout=GNUstep and prefix=/ thus you get a layout very close to the Mac and NeXT.

Solaris works reasonably too and if you are really adventurous, I do test and try to make things work on GNU/HURD from time to time. There are screenshots on my blog to testify that things do work there sometimes quite well (http://multixden.blogspot.com)


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