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Re: Bean: current problems

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: Bean: current problems
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2012 10:25:57 +0100
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I am using the new buildtool.

It fails to correctly copy the English project into the resources (Greg: hint, bug :) )

I was copying them manually but did it wrong. Doing instead this:

cp -r English.lproj build/UninstalledProducts/Bean.app/Resources/

copies the nib correctly and this way the translation is ofund and the toolbar comes out as expected. I was copying the content of English.lproj instead directly into the Resources, the NIB was found, but not the english translation.


On 03/13/12 20:33, Fred Kiefer wrote:
On 13.03.2012 15:15, Riccardo Mottola wrote:
3) the toolbar items look strange. I don't think they need to have
"toolbar label:" in the description

Not visible on my machine. See screen shot.

I just rebuilt Bean from scratch on my laptop. I still get those weird

I built bean with the new buildtool, which apparently has a bug and
doesn't copy any of the nib files. I did copy them in the "Resources"
directory, without creating the "English" project directory.

Ho do you have it laid out? Perhaps it affects that. I don't know.

I just checked once more. The prefix "toolbar label:" gets used for the localizable strings for the toolbar items. If the localisation works these get replaced by the actual strings as can be seen in the file English.lproj/Localizable.strings. Now for you this process goes wrong, which may be due to your language settings not including English as a valid language, but I don't thing this is possible. Or you generated a language file for some other language and didn't edit the strings contained in it. Either way it is something specific to your machine and nobody will be able to help you, without additional information from your side.


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